"Should I learn from you?": Study overview

Eligibility criteria

For babies ages 17-19 months who were born at full term (37+ weeks) and hear English at home

Duration 10-15 minutes

Within one week of your participation, we’ll email you a $5 Amazon gift card as a thank-you. (One gift card per child; child must be in the age range for the study).

What happens

Your child will watch several short videos of a person playing with toys and naming them. At the end, your child will see pairs of toys while a word is played. The word will match just one of the toys. We want to see which toy your baby chooses to look at!

What we're studying

Most of what infants learn they learn from others. Here, we study if infants treat all information input equally. Do they prefer to learn from an unfamiliar adult who acts irrationally, or an unfamiliar adult who performs conventional and efficient actions? Your child will see a person who either reaches for a toy using an efficient movement or using an unnecessary and inefficient action. We will compare how they learn from an efficient person relative to an inefficient person. This research will help us to understand the development of a fundamental human skill: acquiring information that we consider culturally relevant.

This study is conducted by Professor Amanda Woodward (contact: woodward@uchicago.edu)

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