"Learning "Mommy" Part 1": Study overview

Eligibility criteria

Babies who will turn 6 months within the next week and their maternal primary caregivers, US/Canada only

Duration 20 minutes

Within 5 business days after participating in BOTH parts of the study, you will receive an e-mail with a link to a $10 gift certificate to Amazon. You may only participate once per child.

What happens

Can your little one tell if "mommy" is referring to you? In this study, we are interested to see how well your baby understands different types of word labels, especially to the label of a primary female caregiver they are routinely hearing (such as "mom", "mommy", or "mama", etc.). During this portion of the study, we will take a video clip of you (baby's primary female caregiver) and of your baby's hand to be shown to them later in a short video. This video will include those photos of you, as well as of other people, hands, and feet. We would record your baby's reactions to measure where they look and for how long!

What we're studying

During the first year of life, infants are rapidly learning their primary language(s). Previous research has shown that when learning words, babies can already understand a lot of information. This study investigates the extent of how they understand scope of word labels, and if they can restrict those labels to only apply to individuals (like mom!), while also generalizing labels of objects that can be shared in the world (such as hands).

This study is conducted by Dr. Janet F. Werker (contact: infants@psych.ubc.ca)

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