"Baby laughter games": Study overview

Eligibility criteria For babies ages 3 months to 2.5 years
Duration 20 minutes
What happens In this study, you and your baby will perform a series of short games, including the crowd-favourite, “Peekaboo”! Sometimes repetition is what makes something funny, so we will ask that you perform each game three times.
What we're studying We are interested in the different kinds of things that make babies laugh at different ages. Smiles and laughter transcend barriers of age, language and culture. Babies know this better than anyone -- they even began smiling in the womb! We also want to see which game is most consistently successful in facilitating laughter, whether it be through a more interactive game or performance game.

This study is conducted by Caspar Addyman (contact: c.addyman@gold.ac.uk)

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