CATegories: a study about animal names

CATegories: a study about animal names

Infant Learning Lab (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Who Can Participate

For babies ages 14 to 18 months growing up in the US with normal hearing who are learning English

What Happens

This is a 2 session study. In each session, your child will see a variety of pictures of common animals and hear some animal names. We want to see how quickly your child looks to the picture after hearing the animal named. We will also ask you (the grown-up) to close your eyes to avoid influencing your child's responses . If this is your second session, you will also be asked to complete a survey about your baby's experience with animals.

What We're Studying

Babies learn language rapidly over the first two years of life. We want to understand whether the words that babies know are limited to the kinds of examples they experience in their life. Your child's responses can teach scientists about how babies link the words that they hear to the world they experience.


10 minutes (per session)


You will receive a $5 Amazon gift card (US) within 1 week of participating in each session (maximum 2) of this study if you meet the eligibility criteria. To be eligible for this study, you must 1) provide a valid consent (we will show you how!) 2) have a child within the specified age range present during the study video and 3) live in the United States . If you or your child do not complete the study, you will still receive this compensation.

This study is conducted by Jenny Saffran (contact:

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