"Baby Euclid": Study overview

Eligibility criteria For babies near their 7-month "birthday" (6.5 - 7.5 months)
Duration 10 minutes
What happens Your baby will watch a series of very short videos of two magically-changing streams of triangles, one on each side of the screen. On one side, the triangles will be changing in shape and size, and on the other side, they will be changing in size alone. We will measure how long your baby looks at each of the two streams to see what kind of changes he/she finds more interesting.
What we're studying This study is about what features of pictures babies notice. Do they pay particular attention to the shapes that they see? Do they notice when things have the exact same shape, even though they might be different sizes or in different positions? We think that the whole field of geometry - a uniquely human system of reasoning about shapes and locations - might actually have its roots in the way babies see the world. Are even seven-month-olds already specially attuned to angles and relative lengths? Help us find out!

This study is conducted by Laura Schulz (lschulz@mit.edu)

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