"Does your baby know what you are thinking?": Study overview

Eligibility criteria

For 18-month-olds (+/- 15 days)

Duration 10 minutes

This study is conducted on a voluntary basis

What happens

In this study, your baby will be watching some videos showing a person with either a true belief or a false belief about a situation for a couple of minutes. We will ask you (the parent) to help us live-code your baby's looking by pressing a key on your keyboard. Please only use the Firefox browser when participating in this study.

What we're studying

With this research, we want to study if babies are already able from a very young age to understand that other people may have different beliefs about a situation than the baby himself/herself. This cognitive ability is well documented in adults and is called Theory of Mind. This study uses a new method to see if Theory of Mind is present around 18 months of age. This is also the first study asking parents to help live-code their babies' looking.

This study is conducted by Francesca Bianco (email: francesca.bianco@essex.ac.uk)

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