Have I heard this word before?

Have I heard this word before?

Edinburgh Laboratory for Language Development (ELfLanD) (University of Edinburgh)

Who Can Participate

For 7 and 8 months-old babies learning English

What Happens

In this study, your baby will hear a speech stream consisting of multiple words from a mini made-up language while looking at an image. Afterwards, your baby will see an animation and repeatedly hear a single word form this made-up language. This will happen multiple times. We are interested in how long your baby looks at the animation.

What We're Studying

Your baby was born without any experience with language. Still, you will have lengthy conversations with them within a few years. This study will help us understand how babies learn from the speech they hear in their environment. More specifically, we want to know whether infants find it easier to discover where one word ends and the next word starts, when the speech they hear includes more and less frequent words.


15 minutes


After you finish the study, we will email you a $5 Amazon gift card within approximately three days. To be eligible for the gift card (1) your child must be in the age range for this study, (2) you need to submit a valid consent statement, (3) we need to see that there is a child with you during the experiment and (4) your child must not have participated in this study before. We will send a gift card even when you do not finish the whole study or when we are not able to use your child's data.

This study is conducted by Inbal Arnon (contact: inbal.arnon@mail.huji.ac.il)

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