Magic Markers

Magic Markers

Early Childhood Cognition Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT))

Who Can Participate

For children ages 5.5 - 6.5 years old.

What Happens

This study will take place on a video call, live with a researcher! Clicking on the “Participate Now!” button will send you to an online calendar where you can select a date and time that works for you.

In this study, children will hear stories about animals and people in need, and choose who to help next. Children will get to copy and draw different objects to help the characters! Participants need to bring some paper and something to draw with (e.g. pencil, crayon, or marker).

After signing up, you will receive email instructions for how to access the video call.

What We're Studying

Everyday, children make choices about to do, often preferring the easiest way to achieve what they want. However, sometimes things turn out to be more difficult than expected. In this study, we ask whether children will persist and be committed to their original goals or whether they will switch to pursue a different goal, and how this decision changes in different scenarios. Findings from this study will help us better understand how children balance what they want to achieve and how easy or difficult it will be.


20 minutes


After you finish the study, we will email you a $5 Amazon gift card within approximately three days. To be eligible for the gift card, (1) your child must be in the age range for this study, (2) your child's first language is English, (3) you need to submit a valid consent statement, and (4) we need to see that there is a child with you during the experiment. But we will send a gift card even if you do not finish the whole study or we are not able to use your child's data.

This study is conducted by Laura Schulz (contact:

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