"Little Drummers - Exploring toddlers sense of rhythm": Study overview

Eligibility criteria

For 2- to 2.5-year old children.

Duration 15 minutes

There is no monetary or other compensation for this study.

What happens

To measure their sense of rhythm toddlers will be asked to bang on a flat surface with and without a musical accompaniment (takes 3 minutes). We will then ask you to complete an online survey, which includes some fun interactive games to try with your little one (this can be done at a later time).

What we're studying

We are interested in how people develop their sense of rhythm. We believe toddlers' ability to move in time with the beat of music may be related to their general ability to monitor and adapt to the environment around them. We expect that children who are most flexible in changing their drumming speed will also do well in the games in our survey.

This study is conducted by Sinead Rocha <sineadrocha@gmail.com> and Caspar Addyman <c.addyman@gold.ac.uk>

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