"May I Grab Your Attention?": Study overview

Eligibility criteria

For babies ages 4 to 12 months of age

Duration 15 minutes

We will provide a $5 USD Amazon gift card for eligible participants. We will send you the gift card within 1 week of participation. To be eligible for compensation we ask that you 1) provide a valid consent video (we will show you how!), 2) your child must be in the age range specified above and, 3) your child must be present during the study videos (but not necessarily the consent video). Your child does not need to finish the entire study in order to be eligible for compensation.

What happens

During the study, your baby will see pairs of objects, with short, 3-second video clips in between to keep his or her attention. In each pair, one object is on the left side of the screen and one is on the right, so that we can clearly see which one your baby prefers.

We will also ask you a few questions about your baby's motor development.

This study will take about 15 minutes in total.

What we're studying

As babies reach new motor milestones, they gain access to new information about the objects around them. Babies who sit up can pick up objects and look at them from many angles, and babies who crawl can see an object in the distance and move their bodies to those objects. How do these changes influence what objects babies prefer? In this study, we will determine if babies are drawn to look at different objects before and after motor milestones. We use unfamiliar objects rather than familiar ones because we want to focus on how babies learn about new objects. This research will help us understand how babies learn about the world, and how their motor development influences what they learn.

This study is conducted by Lisa Oakes (contact: lmoakes@ucdavis.edu)

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