Which amount will Kelly choose?

Which amount will Kelly choose?

Cognition and Learning Center (CALC) (Rutgers University - New Brunswick)

Who Can Participate

For babies ages 12 to 15 months

What Happens

Your baby will watch videos of our friend Kelly choosing between different amounts of toys. We are studying how babies expect other people to make choices. You’ll need a high chair or stroller for your baby to sit in during the study.

What We're Studying

Babies prefer the larger amount when choosing for themselves. Do babies also expect others to have the same preference for larger quantities as themselves? The current study will help us understand how we come to figure out what other people prefer by examining what kind of events babies prefer to look at.


15 minutes


We will provide a $5 USD Amazon gift card for eligible participants. We will send you 1 gift card within 1 week of your first eligible participation. To be eligible for compensation we ask that you 1) provide a valid consent video (we will show you how!), 2) your child must be in the age range specified above and, 3) your child must be present during the recorded videos. Your child does not need to finish the entire study in order to be eligible for compensation.

This study is conducted by Jenny Wang (contact: child.research@psych.rutgers.edu)

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