"Investigating Early Food Thoughts": Study overview

Eligibility criteria

For babies 8-13 months of age

Duration 10 minutes

We will email a Junior Scientist Certificate (no monetary value) to families who participate and have elected to provide us with their email. Families should expect to receive their certificates within 1 week of participating, regardless of study completion or data withdrawal. There is no additional compensation provided but we hope you enjoy the opportunity to contribute to science!

What happens

Your baby will see a series of seven short videos. Some of these videos will depict fruit-like objects and common household objects that move out from behind a screen onto a stage and back behind the screen. Other videos will depict an actor interacting with those same objects. We’re interested in whether your child will look at the food-like objects differently from the common household ones. There’s nothing you have to do other than let these videos play while we record your baby's looking.

What we're studying

Our study investigates whether preverbal infants are able to conceptually understand that some objects are food while others are not. Understanding what objects can be considered edible is incredibly important from an evolutionary perspective; you can't pass on your genes if you eat something poisonous! We want to know whether FOOD is a special early-developing category in infant development!

This study is conducted by Jenna Croteau (contact: jmargarites@smith.edu)

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