What's Their Goal?

What's Their Goal?

Centre for Infant Cognition (University of British Columbia)

Who Can Participate

For babies aged 11 to 13 months who hear mainly English (over 80% of the time) in their household and does not hear Spanish regularly; each child may only participate in this study once.

What Happens

This study will take place on a video call, live with a researcher! Clicking on the “Participate Now!” button will send you to an online calendar where you can select a date and time that works for you. In this study, your baby will first watch a video where two people introduce themselves, one in English and one in Spanish. After the introduction, your baby will watch a scene in which one of the people reaches for different toys, and we see where your baby looks.

What We're Studying

Babies reason about other people's goals through observation: if they see a person consistently choose option A over option B, they will start thinking that this person prefers A over B, and will be surprised when this person suddenly starts choosing B when A is available. Interestingly, babies don't generalize this type of reasoning to everyone! If an inanimate object (for example, not a human) reaches for the same object over and over, babies don't make the same type of inference. In this study, we are interested in whether babies make different inferences about people's goals depending on whether they speak the same language as them. This will help us understand how babies perceive people who are different from themselves!


30 minutes appointment


As a token of appreciation, we will email you an honorary UBC digital degree and a $5.00 Amazon e-gift card for your baby after your online appointment! You will have the choice between a gift card that is redeemable at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, or Amazon.co.uk. Both you and your child must be present for the entire duration of the appointment. You are eligible for the digital degree and the e-gift card as long as your child meets all the eligibility criteria and have not participated in the study before.

This study is conducted by J. Kiley Hamlin (contact: hamlinlab@psych.ubc.ca)

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