"Face Preference Tug-of-War": Study overview

Eligibility criteria

9 through 12-month-old infants born full-term (38+ weeks) who are regularly exposed to the English language and live in the United States.

Duration 5 minutes

For your participation, you will be sent a $5 Amazon e-gift card after we confirm your consent video and check that your child meets all eligibility criteria. If you have multiple children that participate, you will receive one gift card per child. Each child is able to participate one time. Your baby should be clearly visible in the video consent and throughout the trials. You should receive the gift card to the email provided within 1 week of your participation.

What happens

Your child will watch short videos of South-Asian women reciting a children’s story. One of the videos will have the accompanying audio, while the other will be silent. Then, we will show your baby pictures of the same people, or a new face. We want to see which face your baby will pay attention to more.

What we're studying

We know many things about which faces babies prefer to look at. One is that babies usually prefer to look at a face that is talking rather than a face that is silent. Another is that babies usually prefer to look at faces that belong to races that are familiar to them. We are interested in looking at how these preferences interact, such as whether babies will look longer at the face of someone from an unfamiliar race if that person has spoken to them. This study benefits from babies participating no matter what their previous familiarity with faces from different races, and the results will increase our understanding of the development of face processing and face preferences in infants.

This study is conducted by Dr. Maggie Guy (contact: mguy5@luc.edu)

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