Eligibility criteria

For full term babies aged 9 months or 13-14 months (please only participate in this study once - e.g. if you participated when your baby was 5 months you cannot participate again when they are 9 months)

Duration 15 minutes

Unfortunately we are unable to provide monetary compensation for your participation, but we hope you will enjoy the experience.

What happens

In this study your baby will watch pictures of two babies presented side-by-side. Some pictures will look normal but others will be stretched out. Sometimes the pictures will be upright and sometimes upside down. We want to see which picture your baby chooses to look at!

What we're studying

The body is an important source of social information. However, we know little about how babies develop an understanding of what typical bodies look like. With this study we want to better understand when babies develop expectations about the relative size of the different parts of baby bodies.

This study is conducted by Dr. Silvia Rigato, Dr. Carina de Klerk, and Dr. Maria Laura Filippetti (email: babylab@essex.ac.uk)

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