Eligibility criteria

For 4- and 5-year-olds that can understand English and live in the US.

Duration 20 minutes

We will provide a $5 USD Amazon gift card for eligible participants. We will send you 1 gift card within 1 week of your first eligible participation. To be eligible for compensation we ask that you 1) provide a valid consent video (we will show you how!), 2) your child must be in the age range specified above and, 3) your child must be present during the recorded videos. Your child does not need to finish the entire study in order to be eligible for compensation.

What happens

In this study, your child will go on a virtual road trip and help some friends along the way! They will play a guessing game to figure out who has the larger amount, and then help some Alien friends by looking at some pictures together. We are interested to see how children's guesses in the first game relate to their responses in the second game.

What we're studying

Children’s interests in numbers impact their engagement and performance. Our study asks how children’s intuitive sense of number (their guesses in the first game) relates to their interests (what they choose to focus on about the pictures). Findings from this study will help us better understand what impacts young children’s interests. Ultimately by studying children’s interests, we aim to understand how to help children develop and maintain their interests.

This study is conducted by Jenny Wang (contact: child.research@psych.rutgers.edu)

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