Let’s look at shapes and patterns!

Let’s look at shapes and patterns!

IRCN babylab・ IRCN赤ちゃんラボ (The University of・ Tokyo 東京大学)

Who Can Participate

For babies ages 1-12 months

What Happens

In this study, your baby will sit on your lap while looking at different shapes and patterns on the screen, some moving, some still. You will be asked to close your eyes during the study. In case your baby gets fussy, you may stop the study at any time. Your baby will only be required to be with you on your lap for around 5 minutes, while you should count in an additional 5-7 minutes to complete consent procedures and explanations.

What We're Studying

Babies’ vision develops over the first year of life, and they look at new things every day! Some things in their environment are still, some move, some are small, some are big. We would like to see what kind of shapes and patterns babies like to look at, especially if they see these shapes and patterns on-screen! We know quite a bit about such preferences from studies in the lab, for instance that babies prefer to look at moving compared to still objects. Since many interactions have moved online since the pandemic began, this will help us understand whether these preferences differ on- and off-screen.


12 minutes


Within one week after you participate, we’ll email you a $5 gift card from Amazon.com as a thank-you (one gift card per child; child must be in the age range for the study; there must be a valid consent video showing the child who’s participating). A given child can only participate once in this study.

This study is conducted by Sho Tsuji (contact: shotsuji@ircn.jp)

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