"Which face will your baby recognize?": Study overview

Eligibility criteria

For 5-month-old and 12-month-old full-term infants (at least 38 weeks of gestational age) who are regularly exposed to English language

Duration 5 minutes

For your participation, you will be emailed a $5 Amazon gift card after we confirm your consent video and check that your child is in the age range for this study. You should receive the gift card in your email within 1 week of your participation. Please make sure your child is visible in your consent video and throughout the study.

What happens

Your baby will watch short videos of two people reciting children's stories. The sound will either match just one of them, or neither. We will then show your baby pictures of the same people, or a novel face. We want to see which faces your baby will pay more attention to.

What we're studying

Babies pay more attention to stimuli that are presented with a synchronous voice, compared to asynchronous. We are interested in learning if increased attention leads to better recognition of faces presented in synchronous conditions. As humans, we typically interact with faces in an audiovisual way (i.e., we see people and hear them speak). With this study, we want to learn how the synchrony of what we see and what we hear influences face processing in infancy. Understanding how this develops is important, as recognizing faces is one of the main ways we interact with people around us - so face recognition forms a basis for our social skills and communication.

This study is conducted by Dr. Maggie Guy (devlab@luc.edu)

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