See numbers, hear numbers! 3.0

See numbers, hear numbers! 3.0

Cognition and Learning Center (CALC) (Rutgers University - New Brunswick)

Who Can Participate

For babies age 3 to 10 months.

What Happens

In this study, your baby will hear different voices making different numbers of sounds, and watch movies with different numbers of shapes in them. We are interested in whether babies can match the numbers they hear to the numbers they see. This is a new version of "See numbers, hear numbers" - your child can participate in both if eligible!

What We're Studying

Can babies connect how many things they see to how many sounds they hear? And how does this ability develop over the first few months of life? We address this question by looking at how babies at different ages react to images and sounds of different quantities. Findings from this study will tell us more about how babies abstract number information from the busy and complex world around us.


15 minutes


We will provide a $5 USD Amazon gift card for eligible participants. We will send you 1 gift card within 1 week of your first eligible participation. To be eligible for compensation we ask that you 1) provide a valid consent video (we will show you how!), 2) your child must be in the age range specified above and, 3) your child must be present during the recorded videos. Your child does not need to finish the entire study in order to be eligible for compensation.

This study is conducted by Jenny Wang (contact:

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