Eligibility criteria

For 5- to 12-month-old babies who are growing up bilingual (i.e., hearing at least 30% English AND 30% of another language). US/Canada only.

Duration 30 minutes

We will e-mail you a $5 Amazon e-gift card within 7 days of your participation in this study. Your child must be eligible for the study and visible on the webcam during the study. You may only participate once per eligible child.

What happens

In this study, your baby will watch cartoon aliens labeling objects. First they will see familiar objects being labeled (e.g., banana) and then unfamiliar objects being labeled. The unfamiliar objects will be labeled with speech sounds that can be difficult to tell apart. Lastly, your baby will watch dancing rainbow dots while hearing sequences of the two speech sounds, and we will measure how long they look at the screen. Before the video for your baby, there is a brief task for you the parent: selecting the sounds you hear.

What we're studying

This study explores the learning mechanisms that babies may use to tell the difference between similar-sounding speech sounds. We are interested in whether pairing the speech sounds with objects, in either a consistent or inconsistent manner, will influence babies’ ability to tell apart the sounds. We predict that babies who see the objects paired consistently with the speech sounds will later tell apart the speech sounds better than babies who see the objects paired inconsistently with the speech sounds. This study will help us to better understand how babies become masters in their first language(s).

This study is conducted by Janet Werker (contact: infants@psych.ubc.ca )

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