"Let's Draw!": Study overview

Eligibility criteria

For 4- and 5-year-old children

Duration 20 minutes

After you finish the study, we will email you a $5 (USD) Amazon.com gift card (redeemable only at Amazon.com) within approximately three business days. To be eligible for the gift card your child must be in the age range for this study, you need to submit a valid consent statement, and we need to see that there is a child with you participating in the study. We will send a gift card even if your child does not finish the whole study or we are not able to use your child's data. There are no other direct benefits to you or your child for participating, but we hope you will enjoy the experience.

What happens

Your child will watch a short video and listen to some instructions from an experimenter. Then your child will draw a picture. To participate, your child will need two blank sheets of white 8.5” x 11” paper (US Letter Size) and a regular pencil with an eraser.

What we're studying

This study helps us understand how children draw the world around them. What they include in their drawings will show us what they pay attention to and how they capture spatial information on paper. Ultimately by studying how children draw, we aim to understand how they think about space more generally.

This study is conducted by Dr. Moira Dillon (contact: labdevelopingmind@nyu.edu)

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