"Faces, Places, People, and TOYS!": Study overview

Eligibility criteria

For babies ages 3 to 5.5 months and 7 to 8.5 months old who were born at full term (38+ weeks)

Duration 10 minutes

Upon completion of this study, we will email you a $4 Amazon gift card within approximately three days. To be eligible for the gift card, your child must be in the age range for this study, you have submitted a valid consent statement, and we need to see that there is a child with you. However, we will send a gift card even if you do not finish the whole study or we are not able to use your child's data!

What happens

Your baby will watch a series of short videos of toys, landscapes, children (including videos of their faces, hands, and feet), and abstract scenes with and without still photos of the same type mixed in. We want to see which kind of stimuli presentation your baby is the most interested in!

What we're studying

When developing experimental stimuli for babies, it is very important to know what kinds of stimuli are engaging and keep the babies' attention. We want to better understand exactly what babies like to look at so we can make more engaging experiments!

This study is conducted by Rebecca Saxe (contact: mit.kids.brains@gmail.com)

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