Babies & Dancing Animals!

Babies & Dancing Animals!

SaxeLab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT))

Who Can Participate

For 7 to 10 month olds

What Happens

This study will take place on a video call, live with a researcher! Clicking on the “Participate Now!” button will send you to an online calendar where you can select a date and time that works for you. During the session, we will show your child different animals on the screen while monitoring their attention. This will allow us to see what types of stimuli and sequences of stimuli capture babies' attention the most or least.

What We're Studying

We are studying how babies lose interest in what they're seeing, and how to recover their interest when seeing something new. These basic processes allow babies to pay attention to those things that are likely to teach them to most about their environment, but they are not very well understood! To get a better understanding, we will show your child animals for various durations, and see what types of stimuli and sequences of stimuli capture their attention the most or least. We suspect that there are things about what we show babies, like the familiarity or complexity of the animals, that will influence how quickly babies get bored and how strongly their interest recovers. This study will give us some insight into what are factors that shape these processes that help babies learn.


15 mintes


You will receive a $5 gift card shortly after the study, by email. We provide one gift card per child in the age range of the study.

This study is conducted by Gal Raz (contact:

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