Meet the Scientists

Kim Scott

Kim started Lookit as a graduate student, and now runs the project as a research scientist in the Early Childhood Cognition Lab. Her children (seven-year-old Remy and toddler Zenna) frequently provide feedback on studies.

Research interests: Origins of conscious experience--or what it's like to be a baby

Hobbies: Board games, partner acrobatics

Laura Schulz

Laura is the PI of the Early Childhood Cognition Lab.

Research interests: How children arrive at a common-sense understanding of the physical and social world through exploration and instruction.

Hobbies: hiking, reading, and playing

Melissa Kline

Melissa runs the "Your baby the physicist" study. She's working on answering all the amazing questions we can only answer with longitudinal data like this.

Hobbies: Sewing, tango, and singing.

Moira (Molly) Dillon

Molly is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and the PI of the Lab for the Developing Mind at NYU.

Research interests: the origins of abstract thought, especially in the domains of geometry and number.

Hobbies: ballet, tennis, speaking French

Erica Yoon

Erica is a graduate student in Mike Frank's lab at Stanford University.

Research interests: development of polite language understanding

Hobbies: Watching non-gory thrillers, playing with/learning from her new baby Somy

Alumni & Collaborators

Rianna Shah (IAP, Sp, Fall 2015; IAP, Sp 2016; Sp 2018)

Undergraduate, MIT

Alice Wang (Summer 2017)

Undergraduate, Wellesley

Jessica Zhu (Fall 2016)

Undergraduate, MIT

Hobbies: Playing cards, eating watermelon, and hanging out with friends

Audrey Ricks (Summer 2016)

Undergraduate, MIT

Hobbies: Biking, learning and exploring

Hope Fuller-Becker (Sp 2015, Sp 2016)

Undergraduate, Wellesley College

Hobbies: drawing, painting, reading and running

Junyi Chu (Summer 2015)

Recent graduate, Vanderbilt University

Hobbies: Rock climbing, board and card games

Joseph Alvarez (Summer 2015)

Undergraduate, Skidmore College

Hobbies: Creating, discovering, and playing electric guitar!

Annie Dai (IAP, Sp 2015)

Undergraduate, MIT

Hobbies: Running, spending time outdoors, listening to music

Jean Yu (IAP, Sp 2015)

Undergraduate, Wellesley College

Hobbies: ballet, figure skating, piano, making art, learning about art, reading about art, learning about the brain

Daniela Carrasco (Sp 2015)

Undergraduate, MIT

Hobbies: Crossfit athlete, swimming, boxing, painting and sketching

Jean Chow (Fa 2014)

Undergraduate, MIT

Research interests: cognitive development and learning in young children

Hobbies: Running, cycling, Taekwondo, art, being outdoors, chilling with her dog

Rachel Magid

Rachel is now a graduate student at ECCL; in her two years as our lab coordinator she helped get Lookit off the ground!

Hobbies: Reading historical fiction and cooking