Meet the Lookit team

Core Team

Rico Rodriguez

Rico is Lookit's lead software engineer, working on planning and adding features for both participants and researchers.

Laura Schulz

Laura is the PI of the Early Childhood Cognition Lab. She conducts research about how children arrive at a common-sense understanding of the physical and social world through exploration and instruction.

Kim Scott

Kim started Lookit as a graduate student, and now runs the project as a research scientist in the Early Childhood Cognition Lab. Her three children frequently provide feedback on studies.

Mark Sheskin

Mark organizes the Lookit Working Groups, which are groups of researchers working to improve Lookit in a variety of ways.

Alumni & Collaborators

Joseph Alvarez (Summer 2015)

Undergraduate, Skidmore College

Daniela Carrasco (Sp 2015)

Undergraduate, MIT

Jean Chow (Fa 2014)

Undergraduate, MIT

Junyi Chu

Junyi runs the "Your baby, the physicist" study. She's working on answering all the amazing questions we can only answer with longitudinal data like this.

Annie Dai (IAP, Sp 2015)

Undergraduate, MIT

Moira (Molly) Dillon

Molly is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and the PI of the Lab for the Developing Mind at NYU. She ran the study "Baby Euclid" on Lookit.

Hope Fuller-Becker (Sp 2015, Sp 2016)

Undergraduate, Wellesley College

Kamaria Kaalund (Fall 2019)

Undergraduate, Wellesley College

Melissa Kline

Postdoc, MIT

Rachel Magid

As ECCL lab coordinator (and then graduate student) she helped get Lookit off the ground!

Audrey Ricks (Summer 2016)

Undergraduate, MIT

Rianna Shah (IAP, Sp, Fall 2015; IAP, Sp 2016; Sp 2018)

Undergraduate, MIT

Alice Wang (Summer 2017)

Undergraduate, Wellesley

Erica Yoon

Erica is a graduate student in Mike Frank's lab at Stanford University. She ran the study "Mind and Manners" on Lookit.

Jean Yu (IAP, Sp 2015)

Undergraduate, Wellesley College

Jessica Zhu (Fall 2016)

Undergraduate, MIT